A Touch of Class for Everyone!A Touch of Class for Everyone!

A Touch of Class for Everyone!

Gemstone Bracelets  - #1

Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets can provide emotional and spiritual support, balance your energy, and make you look and feel fabulous.

About the Owner

About the Owner

Hi, I'm Tiris... I am the owner of T's Lavish Charms. Wrist Elegance is my specialty. I offer beautiful handcrafted bracelets that are made with carefully sourced precious and semi-precious gemstones as well as some that are made with glass beads. I have always had a love for jewelry. After experiencing several significant personal losses in 2021, I found crafting to be very therapeutic and a source of joy. I became passionate about creating my own bracelets and designing styles for friends and family. Most of my bracelets are one-of-a-kind pieces. They are mindfully created for the Classy and Chic Fashionistas and the Debonair Brothers! They are made to be long lasting treasures. Whenever you wear a bracelet from T's Lavish Charms, please know that it was made with lots of passion and TLC. You will also find jewelry made of Stainless Steel. I like offering these pieces because they are tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and very affordable. I am confident that my bracelets and jewelry will complement your outfit perfectly for any occasion. Thanks for stopping by, my friend, I hope you love it here! “My primary mission is to make quality elegance affordable.”
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106 Park Place Suite 204M Covington, LA 70433
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm


Follow these simple steps to keep your jewelry pieces looking their best :
Each T's Lavish Charms piece is handmade using elastic cord, gemstones, plated (seldom) and stainless steel charms. Therefore, we recommend our customers refrain from submerging T's Lavish Charms pieces/custom pieces in water or exposing them to excessive chemicals (sweat, lotion, soap, shampoo, perfume, oils, hairspray, etc.), as excessive water and/or chemicals can affect the elasticity and charm/connector/bead/stone coloring. *Do not overstretch the elastic in your bead bracelets. Storing jewelry in a cloth pouch and using a polishing cloth can help prevent and/or prolong tarnishing with plated and stainless-steel hardware; however, eventually tarnishing is subject to take place overtime with plated charms.



DELIVERY/SHIPPING You can purchase your items online and pick them up at our designated local pickup location or ship them directly to your doorstep. Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days. We use the best carriers in the business to ensure your orders arrive on time. On the Secure Checkout page, you‘ll see the ordered item’s description, price, and delivery time. Where available, you can also choose a faster delivery method for each item on your order for an additional fee. Delivery times vary depending on your selected delivery address, the availability of your items, and the time of the day you place your order. Once your package has been mailed and tracking has been provided, T's Lavish Charms cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen packages; however, any damage or errors caused by T's Lavish Charms will be replaced free of charge. REFUND/RETURN POLICY No refunds are permitted; however, should any jewelry break, T's Lavish Charms can provide repairs for free (provided all beads are recovered from the original piece), plus S&H. Full replacements (10 beads or more for each bracelet) are half the original price, plus S&H. Tracking numbers are provided upon request, but in most cases will be sent via email update, courtesy of PayPal, or text/social media messaging. T's Lavish Charms cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen packages; however, any damage or errors caused by T's Lavish Charms will be replaced free of charge.